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All signs point to FB launching its own streaming services to rival that of Twitch and Youtube. This is a bit weird as if you stream your gameplays in FB, won’t your mom see you playing games since it is likely that your mom or your wife would have a FB account too.

To reach out to future streamers in Facebook, I have just managed to set up Gamecrawl’s Facebook page with a vanity URL http://facebook.com/gamecrawl. This url is different from the old url and would need you all to like it if you have a Facebook account.

Also when posting to Youtube (in the actual youtube website, not on gamecrawl.com), would need you all to add gamecrawl or gamecrawl.com as a tag. This obviously is for SEO reason and I know it sounds weird but that is how it goes when it comes to optimizing your site for all the different search engines.

The general feedback I have from gamers in YT is that they have never heard of gamecrawl.com and were surprised to discover this site. So having gamecrawl.com as a tag in your gameplays in YT would definitely help make this site to be a thing on Youtube and in return, it will help you all in the long run.

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