Dishonored 2 Part 7 Ep1 The Royal Conservatory No Commentary

Emily goes to the Royal Conservatory in Mission 5 of Dishonored 2…and she shows no mercy.

Dishonored 2 Part 7 Episode 1
Mission 5 : The Royal Conservatory
Type : Playthrough / Walkthrough

Dishonored 2 is an action-adventure stealth video game in FPS (First Person Shooter) perspective.The second part takes place in the city of Karnaca after Emily/Corvo has to escape from Dunwall after a khhmmm… bit of an issue happened there.You can choose your character at the beginning of the game between Empress Emily Kaldwin and his father Corvo Attano.I chose Emily for my gameplay as she means the game Dishonored to me.Also in this part you can choose a bit later in the gameplay if you want to use power or not.Of course, I do use because it’s cool and adds a lot to the gamplay.The locations looks like Southern Europe and the story is in 1851 and because of high-tech looking gadgets and weapons it feels really steampunk.You can play it violent or stealthy.I try to stealth a lot before I violently eliminate the enemy around me causing High Chaos all the time 🙂

I read complaints that the game isn’t optimized well and you need a power house to run it smooth on PC.Well, that might be true and I also experienced a tiny bit of a lagging down in the port but it lasted for 20 sec or so and everything else runs very smooth and high-res at 2560×1440 / 60fps.I use a GTX1070 though which really has to run it smooth.

The game is developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks.Let’s play friendly and have to say big thanks for that.You guys made a great game.

You can read their video policy here :

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