The Witcher 3 A lot of ugliness going on in this episode

The Witcher 3

In this episode I free a demon (Mama Crone) and go to the swamp where the ugly witch-bichtes the Crones live.A lot of ugliness in this part.Prepare your stomach…

An open world Third Person perspective action role-playing (RPG) video game developed by CD Projekt RED.Our hero Geralt is a monster hunter (such an awesome profession) and we follow his story from mission to mission helping people, killing monsters, earning money and not beside trying to find Geralt’s adopted daughter Ciri.All this happens in a magic 3D fantasy world where we can wander around the map through different cool adventures.

The maker of this game is CD Projekt RED that is located in Poland in Warswaw and Krakow.

They are Let’s Play friendly.
You can read their policy here :

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