Tomb Raider Anniversary Part 5 St Francis Folly

Oh yay this place….. So we find out theres 2 other pieces of the Scion so we came here to get. Pierre is such a douchbag… plus HE HAD A CHANCE TO SHOOT! He didn’t but wtf….Anyways Let’s climb down and find this piece!

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Pamela Vess Gaming I love retro games. I want to be able to make people happy with my game plays. I love my games and I hope people will love them too. ^_^

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  1. I’m super sorry I haven’t posted and yesterday I realized that I put 12 up and no others so for the next few days(Or hours lol) I’m going to play catch up and post from Part 5 and up. Long story short we have 1 piece of the Scion turns out there’s 2 more pieces S we are heading to Greece! Thank you guys for taking the time to watch and read ^_^ Stay safe and awesome everyone!