Let’s Play Verge: Lost Chapter | Buggy Doors and Loading Screens | Verge Gameplay

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! Tuxedo Vaile here and let’s play Verge: Lost Chapter together today. This is a cheap indie horror game on steam that I managed to find… for better or for worse. I mean, the game wasn’t completely terrible minus the buggy doors and loading screens I guess but it was still pretty bad. lol How do I manage to find these games all the time? XD

I meant to insert Gandalf at the first segment where the doorway bugged out on me too since this started feeling like a ‘you shall not pass simulator’ or something… Sorry, that’s a laugh I failed to give you. Please, forgive me Senpai! DX

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Tuxedo Vaile I'm a gamer and musician who has decided to plague the poor and defenseless YouTube and Internet with my most benevolent presence. Bringing to you various songs all released under a creative commons licence as well as gaming commentaries of various different games whether they be horror or RPG, Arcade or Platformer. My main thing though is just to have fun and be goofy and try to bring some laughs and smiles along the way! :D

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