Let’s Play Emily Wants to Play #2 | gaming related injuries | Emily Wants to Play Jumpscares

Okay, so somehow I went and injured myself not just once, but twice recording this one for you guys. The jumpscares are real! I hope you like it since you all asked for it! Please let me know if you have any other game suggestions you want me to play too! :3

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Tuxedo Vaile I'm a gamer and musician who has decided to plague the poor and defenseless YouTube and Internet with my most benevolent presence. Bringing to you various songs all released under a creative commons licence as well as gaming commentaries of various different games whether they be horror or RPG, Arcade or Platformer. My main thing though is just to have fun and be goofy and try to bring some laughs and smiles along the way! :D

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  1. It is really a well designed game. There is a lot of interest in this game when I checked on the Internet. What is even more amazing is that this game is the work of one person rather than a game development company.

    1. It really is well designed. I was very fortunate to have obtained a review copy of the game. I’ve played a couple of games now too that were the work of one person and surprisingly, besides this one, there have been a couple of gems.