Project Frequency | A Silent Hill-like Open World Survival Horror Game

This is a cool open world survival indie horror game I found on Game Jolt. It’s currently still under development by BioXide and is in a public Alpha release currently. My first impressions of the game are that… IT’S F*****G AWESOME! Obviously, as any title (even AAA titles… The Evil Within, I’m looking at you here.) There’s plenty of room for improvement. For everything that’s there currently though and ass an experience I am tremendously impressed. It even scared me a few times which sadly though, isn’t that hard to do but I think that the scares were still well designed. It would be cool to see crafting and lock picking introduced and even larger levels (I didn’t get far so maybe the levels are already massive, who knows.) Multiplayer would also be really cool if presented in a similar manner to ‘The Forest’. Definitely a title to keep an eye on here though.

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    1. I think the developer is planning console release depending on how the project goes. Yes, Silent Hill definitely does have a stronger story line but this one’s more about an immersive survival experience rather than an actual story. Due to the atmosphere and the writing of what I’ve found so far though, I’m really liking it so far.